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Our office will be closed on the following days to celebrate the holidays:


Wednesday, December 24th

Thursday, December 25th

Monday, Decemeber 29th- Saturday, December 3rd


Please keep note of these dates when scheduling your appointments.

Great Wall Chinese Medicine will be open on January 5th for the new year.


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EMed Research Center Community Outreach and Fund Raising Event
“Join Dr. Xiao from Great Wall Chinese Medicine at the Granite Reef Senior Center’s upcoming Neuropathy Support Group on December 12 at 1:30 p.m. She will present on traditional Chinese medicine as an effective treatment for neuropathy. Call 480-312-1720 for more information.
EMed Research Center is reaching out the community by hosting a presentation and support group through Scottsdale Senior Services. This is a great educational experience to demonstrate how Traditationl Chinese Medicine can help Neuropathy. There will be presentations by Dr. Qingsong Xiao and Mr. Yulong Liu along with raffles and gift certificate sales.
Granite Reef Senior Center

1700 N. Granite Reef Rd.

Scottsdale, AZ 85257



Share the gift of good health!

We have gift cards available for New Patient visits, Tuina Massage Therapy, and more!



$80 for 60 minute tuina therapy massage with an evening Group Chi Energy Acupuncture (a $45 value) added for free!


Call 480.429.8881 or walk in to purchase a giftcard for your family and friends.

Deep Tissue Massage December Special Offer:


$60 for 60 minutes


Offer only good for 11 more days!

Call now to make an appointment for you or a loved one: 480.429.8881

Tomorrow, 24 Yang Style TaiJi forms class will be taught by Master Zhigang Chen, a recognized TaiJi/Qi Gong/Matial Arts Master and Arizona famous Changing Face performer!
Call 480.322.7575 to register or wallk-in
Drop -in  Rate: $20/Hour
Package $160 10 sessions/Hours
* Established Patients Free: Contact us to learn how you can get classes for free!

5 Elements Health Series workshop lead by Dr. Qingsong Xiao 

The Fire Element Workshop 

focus on the Heart and Small Intestine Channel Symptoms: Anxiety, Hot Flash, Sleep Issues, Digestive Problems etc.

 Dec.20 Saturday

1:00-4:00 PM  

Click here for more information.


Call TODAY to register for this workshop.




At Great Wall Chinese Medicine, it is our goal to help patients learn how to live healthy, fullfilling lives. By participating in our 5 Elements Health Events, you can continue taking strides towards positive change. Below are the class/workshops happening in the near future:





TaiJi with Master ZhiGang Chen- TOMORROW Saturday, Dec. 13th 2PM-3PMClick here for more information.



5 Elements Health Series: FIRE Element Workshop- Dec. 20th 1PM-4PM

Click here for more information.



TaiJi with Master ZhiGang Chen- Saturday, Dec. 20th 2PM-3PM  Click here for more information.


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