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  • "I started seeing Dr. Xiao in June 2012, about a year after having thyroid cancer. After the surgery and RAI treatment for the thyroid cancer through Western doctors, I had been having extreme nausea, vomiting, fatigue, muscle cramps, headaches, dizziness, muscle weakness. I began seeing Dr. Xiao once or twice a week for acupuncture and some reflexology. Within four or five treatments I felt significant improvement. After about 2 months of treatment, I felt very close to normal for the first time in more than a year! I am very thankful to Dr. Xiao and her staff for the care."

    William Shelley
  • I wanted to let you know that the accupuncture works very well and Im lucky to have met you! For the pain and the sticky/crunchyness throughout my body, it really takes that all away and my bones move smoothly! Right now, the accupuncture/smoothyness is wearing off. I also wanted to say that maintaining my health and body is now a top concern for me, and I would like to take the TCM approach. And honestly I am very much into meditating and connecting with the universal energy as part of the living and healing process... so any suggestions on how to live a more balanced life (nutrition, excercise...) would be appreciated. Thanks for being the best doctor ever!

    Craig Benton
  • I want to thank you for the great progress that I have made since I started acupuncture treatments. When I started three weeks ago it was a real struggle and extremely painful for me to hobble into your office from my car. My cane carried most of the weight of my right leg. Yesterday I walked from my car into your office without my cane and by walking slowly the pain, I had been having, was basically gone. I still have a ways to go to be back to normal but I am getting better with each treatment. This has given my mind so much relief, that I no longer consider myself a cripple. Thanks again. You have my permission to show this letter to any of your patients. There were times when I first started my treatments that I wasn't sure they were doing any good. It was your positive assurance that kept me to continue. Then I begin to see improvement. I can't wait to tell you that I am well again

    Eldon Archer
  • I chose GWCM for Dr. Xiao's experience, knowledge, and personality. I visited for IBS and headaches. I would absolutely refer friends/family/patients to her and have already done so. I have never seen another acupuncturist/OMD because I don't need to! I have had great results and wouldn't go anywhere else!

    Rebecca Llaca, Doctor of Chiropractic